Coaching is a highly focussed process of individual support. By facilitating reflection, critical thinking, motivation and self-esteem, our coaches support Managers to:

> Achieve work-life balance
> Develop integrity: aligning actions and values
> Manage time effectively
> Enhance self esteem
> Develop key management skills
> Process and express emotions intelligently
> Overcome and learn from challenges


bespoke training

Bespoke Training [Click here for Volunteer Management Training]

If you have six or more staff requiring training it is cost effective to commission our bespoke services: A custom-made solution, delivered at a location that suits you, often at a surprisingly low cost per-head.

We offer a flexible range of services that can be accessed on a mix and match basis to suit the specific needs of your organisation.
public access training

Public Access Training

Our Public Access Training events are ideal for individual managers and small business owners who would benefit from professional development in such areas as key management skills, motivation, stress management and public speaking.



training mission, training approach

About Us

We are committed to providing a professional, pragmatic approach to training that actually results in effective change and/or required outcomes


Our Consultant Trainers are qualified Coaches, ideally placing us to offer highly tailored learning and development solutions.


We ensure your training has the correct purpose, working in partnership with you to prepare for, and deliver, professional and effective training programmes.


training cycle

The Training Cycle Model

The Training Cycle is the means by which you can ensure your training results in what you’re wanting – whether it’s simply to show how you value and respect your staff and/or volunteers – or to create lasting and effective change.

The Training Cycle has five stages:

Simply experiencing a training event can result in learning. However, chances are far greater when learners are consulted and supported, particularly through the stages of identifying training needs, preparing for the training, and applying learning post-training.


Training & Coaching Services

Our site features a comprehensive overview of the training cycle model in addition to introducing you to our bespoke training, public access training, volunteer management training, and coaching services.

Our Consultants have extensive experience in developing management skills across the voluntary, public and private sectors.

The Training Cycle specialises in developing manager’s skills in order to:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Manage difficult situations
  • Develop greater self-esteem and confidence

Learn about our approach, find out what clients have to say about our services, or simply contact us now to discuss the learning and development needs of yourself or your organisation.